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It was disconcerting when I realized that my friends and neighbors
apparently had no trouble picturing me dressing up in spandex and
playground parts to fight crime. Quite frankly, that's pretty dang

Forgive me but I find it highly amusing. ;-)

I'm not a coward, but I have responsibilities... I'd rather let the
criminals kill each other. The irony and all that... And it saves tax
payer money.

My sentiments exactly. It's one thing to be aware of who lives in your
neighborhood, and be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. It's
another thing completely to dress up like a comic book hero and go
looking for trouble. To a certain extent that's little more than going
out looking to pick fights.

Indeed. I won't go looking for trouble.

Heck, in a lot of cases in the worst neighborhoods law enforcement just
needs someone that is willing to talk to them. I can totally understand
being that sort of a stand-up citizen. I can also understand being
prepared in case someone does try to attack.

Most cops are good people and the _encourage_ home and neighborhood
security activities.

You can do all of those things much more easily and more safely dressed
a regular person. Adding in a concealed weapon (that you carry legally
and know how to use)

I'd never carry a weapon I did not know how to use. <g> That'd be
downright stupid imho.

basically guarantees that you are far more prepared
for the worst than anyone dressed in spandex, and you don't look like a
freak show.

Walking a dog around your neighborhood on a daily basis (while paying
attention) probably has more "crime fighting" potential than any number
of caped crusaders.

Alternatively, you could move. There's plenty of space in Idaho.


Oh I'm fine here in Texas in this particular neighborhood!
If I ever do move, it'd be to Oregon, or maybe Anchorage, but that's
just because the West Coast is so beautiful... and there are plenty of
live king or dungness crab available for the catching. ;-d

I love sea bugs. Good for low carbing too.
Peace! Om

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