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18 y/o girl got caught at 04:00 during a call for an attempted break-in.
She was not the perp but the cop had asked her for ID at the bar. She
did not have it on her so when they went to her car to get her purse,
there was a glass jar full of weed in plain sight on the floorboard of
the passenger side...

She saw that the cop had seen it so she turned her back to the cop and
put her hands behind her back. He actually cuffed her in front and put
her in the back of the police cruiser and left her with her cellphone,
then turned on the back seat recording system.

Not everybody knows about that! Be careful what you say in the back of a
police cruiser. You are being recorded and it's NOT illegal nor
inadmissible evidence if you are not informed of it.

Had she been given Miranda before then?

No. You are not Mirandized on arrest anymore. Only before physical

Anyway, on searching the car, he found another 2 oz. baggie of pot
stuffed into the map pocket behind the front passenger seat as well as a
pot grinder and a box of baggies on the front floor and a glass pot pipe
(used) and a postage scale in the console in front as well as a money
clip up front with $410.00.

How come _I_ never meet the hot 18-year-old chicks pre-equipped with cash and

<snicker> She WAS a good looking kid...
Peace! Om

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