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I've had maybe 4 work outs since Thanksgiving. Before then, I was back in
the best shape I'd been in since my renal failure in 1991. I was back up
to 190 and had been tested at 6.5% body fat. I got Pneumonia and after
dealing with that for about 2 weeks, I got some kind of stomach bug and
spent almost another 2 weeks on the toilet. After that I'd just been
dragging ass and couldn't figure out what the problem was. My weight
dropped 20 lbs and was always tired. I went to see my pulmonary MD about
3 weeks ago to find out about some sleeping pills. He decided to order a
sleep study for me. I went down on 2/8 and spent the night at the sleep
lab. My MD's office called me on 2/12 and had an appointment for me to
get fitted for a CPAP machine on 2/15. I read my results and it turns out
that I have pretty severe sleep apnea.

Do you by any chance remember your AHI (apnea/hypopnea index)? Just

It is odd for someone as lean as I am, but I saw the results and
before the used the CPAP on me on the test, my O2 saturations got down to
68%!! That is frighteningly low.

I hear ya. I was dx'd with sleep apnea a few years ago and it got
progressively worse. I used CPAP, too, but was having desats/apneas even
with it on. I got my own pulse oximeter and saw that my sats were going
down to high 60's, too. The weird thing is that these were happening
mainly when I was drifting off to sleep, so every time I'd start to relax,
I'd stop breathing until I woke up gasping for air. Sometimes it was so
bad I thought my heart had stopped. It was a vicious cycle that made me
fear going to sleep.

They are supposed to be between 92 and 98%.
I've used it 2 nights now and have not felt this good in 100 years! :-) I
talked to my kidney MD about it and he said that because of this, I
should be able to get off of 50% of my BP meds, my resting heart rate
should come way down and that my recoup time after workouts will be
exponentially better because of having so much more O2 in my system when
I'm sleeping. In just 2 days, I'm thinking much more clearly and have
much more desire to get things done. My wife always told me that I
snored, but she never heard me stop breathing etc. If there is anyone out
there who feels tired all the time during he day, feels the need to take
naps, falls asleep while watching TV etc., I would look into this. I
always thought this was a fat person's problem, but they are learning
more and more about it every day.

It was mainly a weight issue for me. I started having symptoms at about
190 lbs and eventually reached a very unfit 220. The apnea was so bad I
finally got motivated to get back into shape, especially considering the
CPAP wasn't helping. I dropped 60 lbs while putting on a bit of lean mass
and the symptoms got progressively better. I recently had a sleep study,
which showed my obstructive sleep apnea was so mild it no longer warranted
treatment. The weird thing is the study showed that the apneas I was
having as I was drifting off to sleep were "central" apneas, in which my
brain was sorta "forgetting" to tell my body to breathe during the
transition from wakefulness to sleep. I still have those but they're not
nearly as severe and frequent. Also, my snoring, which used to send my
wife into another bedroom (or just kick me to get me to stop) is not
nearly as bad.

I do think many people with sleep apnea have it in part because they're
too heavy, but as you know now, it's not always so simple.

I spoke to
my sister on the phone and he friend, who is just 32 and does Triathlons,
found out he had apnea and after using the CPAP machine, he times went
into 3 higher categories. I'm getting a baby in my belly now and then off
to the gym after some digestion! :-) BTW, the machine is non obtrusive
and just fits over your nose and is now loud at all. My insurance pays
for it 100% too! :-)

Congrats for getting the problem under control.

My O2 Sats got down to 68% in the study!

Robert Schuh
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