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We have all these people who don't use their real names - all these
people asking strange questions. The old days were better. Posters are
dumber now. Maybe a moderated group would work better? Curt could be

You forgot to mention that the new regulars are a bunch of candy-assed
losers who have never competed in a meet before. I just happened to
have returned from MN State tonight, having spotted and loaded all day
as well as helped out with the scoring system. I didn't compete this
year (I did last year where I was the first loser in my
division...sometimes referred to as second place) but I'll be in Miami
in May for Masters Nationals. I plan on heading to Key Largo right
after to do some technical scuba diving.

You're doing well - did you not compete because of the stress on your
The pressure build up would for me be scary on some of those lifts
particularly as the years pile on.

No, just wasn't ready. I reinjured my knee a while back running
through an airport to catch a plane. I'm just now starting to go
heavy again. I went to 405 for a double two weeks ago in the squat.
Just did my first board presses in months last week.

pretty good -

Well May us not far off so good luck. Key Largo wow - the water temp
be right at least!

12 weeks. The water temp was 86 degrees at 135 FSW in September.


guessing it'll be around 80 in May. I'm also doing an Isle Royale
live aboard in July this year. Bottom temps will be 40 degrees there.

You've done well in a short time - I think it hasnt been a year that you
were diving right?

Another world down there

Interesting. I wonder why they kept replaying the same video over and
over. To make the video last the same time as the song?

yeah dumb - they must have run out of video budget