Re: Squat Problem - what is the cause?

On Sep 17, 6:02 pm, Hobbes <khobman...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Point is they are both resistance exercises. You add additional
resistance with a bar, but the motor pattern is the same. So a
bodyweight exercise is still a free-weight exercise (in a way) since
your range of motion is not dictated by a machine. It is just one with
very little (or no) additional weight.


Well, my point was that it's usually the increased poundage which
causes "buckling" (that slight lateral movement under discussion), but
that his case is very curious because he also has that issue even when
doing bodyweight maybe it's just the physics associated
with his particular anatomical layout??? I like breaking parallel on
my squats, though to do so I find that I'm more on the balls of my
feet, and not totally on my heels, as the squatting manuals seem to
suggest should be the case....