Re: Squat Problem - what is the cause?

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When I squat I don't use much weight (at most I use 185lbs), so I go
to at least parallel if not a little lower.

My normal motion is: I get to the bottom, I pause, and then start to
rise up.

But I noticed something when I squat.

As I start to rise, I move laterally from left to right a bit....but
as I continue to rise, I get back to the middle, but there is
definetly a lateral move in the begining.

Is this because of muscle weakness, lack of flexibility, etc?

I initially thought it was a strength inbalance, but I was doing
bodyweight squats the other day and I noticed I do it when Im squating
without weights also.

What could be causing it, and what should I do to correct it.


Happens to me when I'm trying for too much weight. Right now, I squat
at 225-lbs. for five sets of 11-5 reps, and towards those last few
reps on them last couple of sets, sometimes I have a slight initial
lateral movement like what you describe.

Best be careful, though...don't want to pop a knee or something...I
think lateral movements are very dangerous indicators for the

Of course, what's puzzling is that you have that issue when not using
free it could be anatomically based, depending on your
body type...perhaps your stance is a bit too wide or narrow...maybe
you're leaning just that bit too far headlong or backwards...main
thing to consider is how it might detract from your performance at the

A bodyweight squat is a free weight squat. Bodyweight, but still 'free'.