Best, worst, most entertaining NG (not including MFW)

There's too much pining about how mfw is going to shit. I agree, but it's
because usenet is dying, and AFAIK there's not much that can be done to save

What newsgroups are still worth subscribing to for their
substance/usefulness, exemplary trolling, or even if they've taken over by
crazies and have a freakish appeal?

I've posted here about Can't pull myself away from that
group because Chung, the loonie christian cardiologist, still holds some
fascination for me (btw, I've been 'convicted' by the holy spirit).
Misc.invest.stocks used to have a good combination of info, trolls, crazies
and humor, but it's slipping. Rec.arts.movies.past has some good posts,
trolling, and a number of posters with experience in the medium (including
Jim Beaver, an excellent character actor who has some great insider
stories). Few years ago, used to post legal advice on and there
were some good debates about the law back then, but it's been taken over by
uninteresting flamers, spammers, etc. and has little entertainment value, so
rarely bother anymore.