Re: Multiple sets / reps

"Sid Bonfire" <marogo49@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Back when I was 20, I wanted to wrestle pro.(I lettered in High School
wrestling). I trained with a pro in Chicago at his wrestling school.
My wt then was 212. "you're within striking distance but you should
get up to 230 to look impressive, whats your workout like?" So I
describe the basic 3x10 12 excercise Weider routine I was doing.
Before I get half way though the description he jumps in and says
"whoa, you're taking to much off!" "You should be doing 2 sets of 20
deep breathing squats superseted with two sets 0f 20 pullovers twice a
week""Finish with a couple of sets of ab work" Well, this did work
and within 3 months I was at 242 with a 32" waist.

LOL! I hope that you are being sarcastic.

Robert Schuh
"Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and
intimidates the neighbour is henceforth called evil; and
the fair, modest, submissive and conforming mentality,
the mediocrity of desires attains moral designations and honors"
- Nietzsche