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I have read on more than one lifting web-site about...basically
one set work-outs.
They said that there is no clinical proof that any more than one set
per muscle group / exercise is better?

If you look at the training programs of top physique competitors,
you'll discover that nearly 100% of them use multiple sets on multiple
exercises - usually two to three exercises for three sets per exercise
(not counting warm ups). Arnold Schwarzenegger himself once said that
back in his heyday, he and training partner Franco Columbo tried these
abbreviated training methods and the results were very negative, so
they quickly went back to multiple sets.

There is a happy medium between extreme multi set workouts and HIT. I worked
out with Mike Mentzer in 1978 when he was at his best as a bodybuilder and
he was doing around 8 sets/muscle group for smaller muscles and 10-12 sets
for larger muscles. You can make very good progress as a beginner with a HIT
type of program, but you will need some volume as you progress.

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