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The Rx for Amphetamines has nothing to do with physique enhancement.

Well, is it an "enhancement" to NOT have your face smashed through a

I work night shifts and have to commute, and have a tendency to doze off
on the freeway. My Dr. chose to intervene.

I did not ask for them.

Necessity is not the same as voluntary.

Necessity? I've already given you the "Mr. Smith" alternative,
Om. ;o)

Right. <G>

I find it amusing that I've mentioned in the past that I take Adderall
by Rx. Nobody commented on it until I mentioned their generic name!

How many people know that doc's feed children Amphetamines for ADD?
It's interesting how those drugs treat the brains of otherwise
hyperactive infant humans.

It is not "necessary" to take drugs to strut around on stage

Maaaaan. Strut? Don't make me YouTube posing presentations by Vince
Taylor, Kai Green, Lenda Murray, et al., Om. It's art!

Performance art.

for a plastic trophy.

The hell if I know what a Piaget watch is, but it's better than a
plastic trophy. And Humvees have been given out at the Arnold Classic,
iirc. Oh, and thousands of dollars in prizes, too.

The AC is one hell of a lot better than the Olympia, but do you have any
idea what it costs to maintain a HumVee? In insurance and gas alone?

Plus, how many _thousands_ of dollars do the winners spend on drugs to
win? ;-) And food?

I'm betting that many don't even break even. They make up for it by
getting endorsement contracts. The losers are all SOL.

But, the promoters that sell the tickets aren't.

One has to work to make a living...

Bodybuilding can be "work." Have you seen what some of those men and
women endure?

You misread that statement, but that's ok.

I don't mean to denigrate body building. Far from it. I just question
the lengths people are going to, and taking serious risks.

Can't argue with that, however.

Thank you.
OTOH, I guess playing football can be as brutal and risky.
I don't, however, understand why Rob' is denying that some bodybuilders
have died back stage from Electrolyte imbalances. That's just denial.

Momo Benaziza comes to mind and there have been others. I read an
interview with Flex Wheeler about him running into trouble with that at
least once, but he survived.

Why on gods green earth do they use Lasix when there are other diuretics
that are not quite so harsh? Even Diazide comes to mind.

And him saying that carb depletion/loading does not work makes no sense.
I have some personal experience with that issue just during dieting
cycles. I know what it does to my muscles and it's not always

I guess it is ironic if you have no choice but to make a living by
participating in beauty pageants instead of getting a real job...


Note to self: Do not call Om a hypocrite.


Whatever works for you and all that.

I lift weights for health reasons, not vanity.

But bodybuilding, imo, is not simply vanity. It's an art, but it also
can be defined as sport.

Disagree. I'd never define it as a sport.
Performance art/physique competition/beauty pageant maybe, but not a
sport. I guess it depends on one's viewpoint.

Oh I know that the dieting and training is brutal. I'm not ignorant
about that (and I'm also not TOTALLY down on drug use for help but I
think it's gone totally over the top is all) but the actual event is
hardly a real sport. You are POSING for pity sake!

If any body building competition can be defined as a "sport", it's
women's fitness.

THAT is sport! They are actually doing something with their bodies, not
just showing them off.

But, as always, YMMV.
The woman with the biggest boobs is not always the winner.

Subjective as it is, there's definitely
competition going on. Training and dieting isn't displayed to the
audience, however the impact of both of those components of
bodybuilding is apparent on stage.


Indeed. ;-)

I'm sure we can agree to disagree on some points, and totally agree on
Peace, Om

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