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Lack of bicep peak appears to be a common gripe and is routinely blamed
on genetics.

If you could prove otherwise...

"Routinely blamed? You can not change the shape of your muscles. If you
don't have the genetics for a biceps peak, doing all the concentration
etc. are not going to change it.

Ok, so that was badly phrased. ;-) Sorry.
From where I see it, it might be possible to work a single muscle head
hard enough to slightly change the shape of a muscle.

VERY doubtful.

This is why target exercises can work somewhat when compared to compound
exercises. See what I mean?

I'm well aware that genetics count.

But, how would YOU explain his noted change in the injured hand/arm?

I didn't read his post.

Same thing with an outer thigh sweep. I see
guys doing hack squats until they are blue in the face and some people
never have that sweep. Think about it, if we really could change the
of our muscles, there would be no Markus Ruuls etc. Arnold, Robby
etc. would have their same biceps even is all they ever did was straight
barbell curls. You can change the size of your muscles, but not shape.

Precisely my point. Muscle groups are just that. Groups. Is it possible
to do Isolation work to really target a single one to change the shape
of a limb?

You can only train the muscle and it is going to grow in the shape that it
was meant to be. You can purposely not train a cerrtain muscle and train
another more, but the inherent shape is not going to change.

you read Hatfield's A Scientific Approach to Modern Bodybuilding?

Actually, I have. That is the book (iirc, it's been awhile) that taught
me about Calcium loss with high protein dieting and why I had those
ungodly practically passing out QUADRICEP cramps at one time that were
only cured by using mixed minerals instead of a freakin' Calcium
supplement! Minerals have to be balanced. Most specifically
Cal/Mag/Phos. It's why it still pisses me off that some doc's prescribe
people Calcium supplements with no support minerals for Osteoporosis...

(Sorry, separate pet peeve/Rant)

Unless you have experienced it, you have no idea what Quad cramps feel
like. :-( Dad is taking care of his with regular yogurt and cottage
cheese ingestion. I'm not a dairy fan freak due to the calories, but it
works for him.

I used to get cramps in almost every muscle when on dialysis. Some feel like
you would rather die! :-)

He offers
some interesting insight into this there. Calves are another bodypart
is HIGHLY determined by genetics. If you don't have the genes for them,
can train them 365 days/year and you'll still be shit out of luck.
lack of calves with 90% of the people out there is from lack of training,
but if you do work them hard, they are only going to look good if you
the genetics.

I'm with you. Like I said, my original statement was badly phrased.

Robert Schuh
Peace, Om

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