Re: After


If the guy tries then I'll help him if not then I just won't say any more.
Most of the guys over here don't care and I don't know why they even come
to the gym. They are just a joke.


Nice wkout today, feel good.

I offered my wkout sheet to the guy I was helping and he said it was to much
so that is that. He just jumps around messing around and not doing much so
I'll just shut-up and let him go. He won't last long!

Got to pay the price if you want to get big and hard.

I'll just worry about me, I feel good, looking better and getting harder.
That's all that counts.

Bp 136/67 p-58. I'm wet with sweat, tired and sore.

So what does this reading mean nurse? Who's the nurse, what's your name


Off to the shower