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"Curt" <curtjames@xxxxxxxxx> wrote
Cohen wrote:
"Curt" wrote
Burr wrote:

One hour after workout,

BP 111/56--P54
Is this to low?

Maybe a hair.

Care to elaborate?

Not especially. :o)

Care to educate?

Fwiw, the following is what encouraged my "Maybe a hair" response: aka

Which is a good example why the internet has not replaced people named

From your "Care to elaborate?" reply, I take it that the two numbers
must be looked at as a unit? Engine and caboose. I was simply
comparing Burr's Diastolic with the chart available at the link above.
Burr's Diastolic was noted as 56 while the chart indicates anything
under 60 mm as "Low" pressure.

Cohen, do the Systolic and Diastolic have to be looked at as a unit?
In which case 90/60 would be low while Burr's 111/56 is a-okay?

Not necessarily.

Again, care to educate?

Not really. Briefly, systolic and diastolic pressures each have individual
significances, significance when compared together, significance as to the
relative difference between the two, and...most importantly, which looking
it up on the internet can't do...significance when examined in relationship
to the patient's clinical condition.

Assuming "Burr" is a relatively healthy, young to middle aged, person with
no significant underlying disease, then his 1 hour post workout vital signs
are just fine. Not "maybe a hair too low".

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