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Yeah, let's leave the IEDs to physicians. They SUCK at it.

Not Tom's Muslim physicians, of course. They're all great guys.


What an amazing steaming load of crap! Your trolling is getting REAL
close to that fine line again, David. Is there ANYTHING a [variable]
could post that would not get an asinine response from you? Does it
not bother you that you are so controlled by others...that all
[variable] or [variable] have to do is post and you are driven to
respond? Do the puppet strings get in the way when you play ball, uh,
with KING?

Or something like that.

Wait, you were making some veiled news report, right? What happened?
Aw, geez! Now I gotta Google some more.

Will this assignment NEVER get done???

Curse you, Cohen! CURSE YOU!

Oh, but before you burst into flames from that 130 degrees F (for
FEROCIOUS HEAT, bruh), can you answer that one question? What was it?

(scrolls up)

"So you really do think *all* muslims are secretly terrorists?"



It was a group of Doctors that planted those car bombs in England last

Forgive us for taking it personally, but it was a serious betrayal of
the medical community.

Doctors are not supposed to do shit like that. :-(

Forgot, insert MUSLIM Doctors above to get it right. :-P

Of course they are. OBL's #2 towelhead is a pediatrician. There are
physicians all throughout the islamoterrorist cabal.

Except Tom's. His are all sweetness and light.