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i have recently gotten some new dumbbells and after a while of
training my wrist started to hurt then i figured i must have sprained
it but its now two weeks later and if a lift the dumbbells the regular
way my wrist feels like its about to break and its only my right hand
so i was wondering if my right wrist was just weaker then my left and
i have to work it out or if im doing something wrong.

I also am having a lot of wrist pain. I just thought it was arthritis.

The way I handle it is to change the position of the dumbbell in my hand and
or use less weight. When I do Concentration Curls I have to hold the
dumbbell with my thumb next to the weight to stop the hurt.

Another thing I do is take three Ibuprofen about a half hour before I start
my routine.

Hope it helps, this is my way.


I have a lot of wrist pain too...
Mostly from doing too much typing.

I cut back a bit on my internet lists and that helped.

So do reverse wrist curls and rubber band extensions.

Ibuprofen is a godsend...
Peace, Om

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