Been gone three years

This site has sure changed a lot in the last few years while I was gone.
Lots of new faces and ideas. I hung out here a few years while I worked out
at "Gold's" and then "24 Hour Fitness". Maybe some of you will remember me!

I still do three a week, one and a half hours and push some big weights.
Cycle two days a week about an hour with a 66 cadence.

I'm 65 5'.9" #260 and a diabetic with a 5.6 for the last four years. It's
"do or die" so I do.

I'm retired now and living in the Philippines, I workout with the former
"Mr. Philippines" and former coach of the Philippine team.

I'll hang around awhile and see how the group is going, maybe I can find
something that will help me, and maybe I can help someone.