Advice on Cardio Routine and Fitness Bands

Hi all,

I'm new to the group, and I need some advice regarding my new workout
routine that I got from a video a friend of mine had from Muscle &
Fitness using Fitness Bands, and also working out on my recumbent
stationary bike.

First, I'm a 39 year old male, and I have medical problems with my feet,
and legs. I can't stand or run, or lift heavy objects for any extended
period of time. I live in a catch 22 world, so to speak, and that is if I
don't keep active, then my legs will atrophie, and if I do too much, then
I will lose the ability to stand or walk exponentially as the days of
activity progress. I have to work in an envelope of activity...hence, the
weight gain.

Anyway, I have just started using the Fitness Bands, and the workout is
surprisingly challenging, quick, and thus far, effective. I have modified
it to take into account my medical issues, but I'm confident that if I
keep at it that I will increase my muscle mass, and hopefully reduce my

Has anyone had any experience using the bands, and can you give me any

Also, I have a recumbent stationary bike, but I don't know the proper
workout in order to maximize my fat burning. I've heard that distance
with little resistance is the best way to burn fat, but I've also heard
that a really high intensity work out is best for fat burning. I really
need some guidance here.

Thanks in advance.


Here is the routine that I do every day with the bands:

Chest Press
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Biceps Curl
Overhead Tricep Extensions