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Give us a hand, then. Probably the two most significant features of
Germany in 1938 were that it had the military capacity to conquer the
rest of Europe, and a clearly stated aim to expand its territory.

All Iran has is the ability to produce, in the fairly near future,
nuclear weapons, and the clearly stated aim to blow Israel and the West
off the map.

Do you have an idea, or a rough guess, of the amount of nuclear firepower
it would take to destroy the West? And of the amount Iran will be able to
produce? If not, i suggest you go and read up on both of them.

Do you have an idea, or a rough guess, of the number of hours that will
elapse between the moment Iran has one nuclear weapon and the time they use
it, either directly or via blackmail?

It wouldn't hurt to mention that Iran already has intermediate-range
missiles and multiple-warhead missiles, and they're working on ICBMs.