Re: My first visit to the gym, how did I do?

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This is also the reason why lifting heavy is a crappy way to lose fat for
No, not at all. Even though the muscle doesn't burn a lot, the
activity of lifting burns a lot of calories...

I have my doubts.

A set is usually around 10-15 seconds. 20 max. Lets say you do 20 sets,
thats around 5 minutes of actual work.

Thats doesnt burn nowhere near as much as 1 hour of cardio.

Well, it depends on the intensity of the cardio, but that's not really
the point. Even if you don't burn as much during the training, you'll
burn plenty more afterwards.

and if I weren't so damn lazy I'd dig up the study that shows that it can
keep metabolism
elevated for up to 38 hrs.

I believe you. But elevated at what %? I am willing to bet that NOT eating a
300 Kcal snack will create the same effect. In those 38 hours.

I found the abstract, but it only says "significantly elevated." I
really wish I had the full text. IIRC Lyle cited the number from the
study as something like 700 kcal. Of course that was in men with an
average weight of 83 kg, so the number would surely be a bit lower for
the average woman, but it would still be significant.

I think it's more than 300 kcal, but yes, as with any other exercise,
you can create the same effect on caloric balance by simply eating
less. But lifting weights has a lot of other benefits.

Also, intense lifting keeps both men and
women from losing too much muscle while dieting, which can have a
significant effect on both health and appearance.

When you are on a diet, i recommend you lift a little less intense.
Chances are that you destroyt more than you can rebuild.

It's not intensity that destroys muscle; it's excessive volume. You
don't lose muscle from lifting heavy.

Also, hormones are a crucial factor.

WRT what, exactly?

Are you not recommending heavy lifting for women at all, or are you
simply saying that they can't rely on it to lose fat, and they should
also keep calories in check if they wish to lose weight/fat?

No, i think women should lift. But NOT for losing fat.
Women dont build enough muscle to increase the BMR.

Well, as discussed, most people don't build enough muscle to increase

And i suspect that the
elevation of the BMR following an intense workout is NOT that sigificant.

It depends on your definition of "significant". I think it's quite
significant, or at least it always has been for me.

Also, i think that the elevation is different in men than it is in women.

Different in what way? Of course it would vary by individual, and
larger people lifting heavier weights would probably see a larger
absolute increase. So yes, in men it would generally be more.

If it's the latter I do agree with you. I think lifting helps a lot, but
matter what type of exercise they're doing, most people also need to
reduce calories in order to achieve any significant fat loss.

Thats what i meant. Reducing calories still rules.
Unless you are able to do cardio for a few hours each day.

If I do cardio for a few hours a day I just get hungrier, so that
wouldn't be much help for me anyway. :)