Re: My first visit to the gym, how did I do?

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An emphatic yes to the first, and a meh, not much to speak of to the
second. Each extra pound of muscle only burns about 6 extra calories
a day.

Which is why the only people who can actually benefit from having muscle
mass wrt burning fat are the ones that went from, lets say, 180 pound as a
beginner to at least 230 pounds.

Right, most people don't benefit, wrt to burning calories, from
adding a little extra muscle mass.

This is also the reason why lifting heavy is a crappy way to lose fat for

No, not at all. Even though the muscle doesn't burn a lot, the
activity of lifting burns a lot of calories, and if I weren't so damn
lazy I'd dig up the study that shows that it can keep metabolism
elevated for up to 38 hrs. Also, intense lifting keeps both men and
women from losing too much muscle while dieting, which can have a
significant effect on both health and appearance.

Are you not recommending heavy lifting for women at all, or are you
simply saying that they can't rely on it to lose fat, and they should
also keep calories in check if they wish to lose weight/fat? If it's
the latter I do agree with you. I think lifting helps a lot, but no
matter what type of exercise they're doing, most people also need to
reduce calories in order to achieve any significant fat loss.


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