Re: Why Weight-Loss Efforts Fail

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Lots of other studies that come to the same conclusions.

I don't have easy access to the publications you cite, unless they can
be accessed on the Web.

There are many many journals on line. You have to look around. Many free
studies as full text or at least as abstracts. Seems like you were able to
turn up a fair amount below anyway.

As usual, "the devil lies in the details" and there are plenty of
details and contextual considerations.

Exactly. One has to be able to not just present a study of some sort, one
has to be able to read it and understand it. In the very start of this
thread I posted a report on a study which is essentially not worth the
paper it's printed on as a perfect example.

I routinely consume plenty of protein and, when I work out, I consume
even more by adding whey protein shakes. I don't see any evidence
that consuming lots of protein is necessarily damaging.

It's not if it's part of an overal decent diet of some sort. Too much of
anything can be bad for you. Nothing is 100% safe, nothing, not air, not
water. There is a risk to benefit for everything. Does the risk of higher
P diets outweigh the benefits? In most cases, no.

On the other hand - as with everything else - the final word on this
subject has not been written (and probably never will be).

Personally, I would appreciate it if you were to provide updates on
studies on protein intake from time to time.

Then make sure to check my web site. There are many free articles there on
the topic as well as other topics of interest for fitness minded people.
For example, how to avoid sarcopenia:

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