Re: Leg press machine for rehab? Good design?

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I'm not going to bother replying to each individual post as to many of
them are insulting.
Several points:
a) Why are people talking about doing squats, when my original posting
showed machines??
a) as some of these machines are at an angle of 45 degrees, I would be
pushing less than my body weight, that's simple physics.
b) It appears to me that many of the leg press machines available allow
you to sit and push away from the body thus NO body weight is used.
c) people who reply to postings without reading them, slagging of the
original post are ignorant twats with too much time on their hands.
d) Suggestions of exercising my injured leg by walking, dancing etc
show a complete lack of knowledge concerning rehab with a torn ACL.
e) Does anyone actually know the answers to my original post?

The answer is you are a fooking idiot. Apparently you can not get out of a
chair without injury, yet you are looking for plans to fabricate a leg press