Kill Bill (in Forté Agent) Vol. 1

After examining a recent flood of Bill Davidson's troll postings, I
found a moderately efficient method of killfiling all his posts after
downloading them but without opening a single one. It is not
absolutely perfect [a few exceptions below], but it works pretty well.
This method was created through Forté Agent 1.91, so if the keystrokes
are different in later versions of Agent, someone should tell me. As
I said before, when the folks at Forté create a method to do this
automatically, I'll gladly upgrade to their newest version.

Here is the procedure:

Ctl-G (this opens the Global Search dialog box)

Cut and paste the following string:

x-trace: {^.*egcmjhhibopfakdb}

This needs to be done only once. After the first time, it will
automatically appear, unless you do another Global Search. Even
then, all you have to do is go to History:

Alt-H and click string

Alt-A (This activates Find All to search out all the posts)

Alt-V (This activates View All to view all posts in main window)

Ctl-A (This activates Select All and highlights all the posts)

Delete (All Bill's messages go to the Trash Folder!)

To return to the regular message window, just click the little
binoculars icon at the top of the subject column.

A few caveats:

1. I noticed that killfiling this X-Trace string may have killed
posts from a few legitimate posters who cross-posted from the
metalworking newsgroup in one thread. They probably post from Bill's
ISP, too. Sorry, guys, but you're not MFW regulars, and killfiling
Bill Davidson is more important. Plus, one can always check for the
possibility of legitimate posters after pressing Alt-V for "View All."

2. These won't killfiles Bill's occasional postings through Google
Groups, but his Google Groups personae are pretty quickly recognized
and he's require to use a verifiable email address for those posts,
which can be quickly killfiled through the classic:

Ctl-K -> Alt-D -> Enter -> Y

Once you killfile one of his Google Groups email addresses, the filter
will intercept any future messages with that address, and he'll need
to set up another account, not just type in a new fake email address.

DO NOT use the regular email killfile for Bill's posts except through
Google Groups. He has started forging the legitimate email addresses
of others, particularly John Hanson, and that will killfile the
legitimate poster, as well as killfiling Bill Davidson. If you
haven't read any of Hanson's posts recently, that's why.

I welcome any feedback on this method.


No puppies were harmed during the posting of this
message. Any similarity of identities defamed to
actual persons living, dead, or existing in a
transcendental state is purely coincidental.