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Ok, I am new to all this too,

So go ahead and give others a lot of bad advice....

so I'm sure people will tell me I'm wrong.

You're wrong (there!)

But hopefully
they'll say specifically where & how I'm wrong so maybe we'll both/all
Anyway, here is what I'm thinking...

The muscle building work is ok. Any exercising isn't going to be bad for
(unless you
do it wrong / excessive). But the muscle work on your chest, tris, back,
bis, shoulders, etc
isn't going to do much to help your "love handle" stomach. It will burn a
few calories and that's
good, but beyond that it isn't going to help much.

It isn't? Later in your post you talk about how muscle burns more calories
than fat. Do you know how many calories are burned lifting?

I think putting some serious cardio in there will help you. The cardio
take a lot more calories of work

It will?

and start you into the "fat burning" mode.

What is this "fat burning mode" you talk about? Something you pick up on a
website somewhere? Please, tell us how we too can be in the fat burning

With the weight lifting, unless you
really really push it, you are not raising your heart rate and getting
the fat burning mode.

Aren't you burning calories? Cardio is great for CV health but it's not the
only (or even, necessarily the best) way to burn fat.

I'm in a somewhat similar situation.

So you're speaking from experience, oh wait, you haven't solved YOUR problem
but you can tell someone else how to do it? Course, later on you talk about
how what you're doing isn't really working so you're advice is worth.....?

I'm also about 165, though shorter and
with more than just "love handles". I too would really like to loose a lot
from my stomach
area. But I'd also like to put a little muscle on my bones.

Looks like you've got some goals to work towards. Now which one first, lose
fat or gain muscle?

I happen to have quite a bit of time for the gym right what I'm
- Go to gym and start with a 15 minute cardio (EXF) warm-up. Machine says
about 200 calories.

First, if you're trying to gain muscle I'd suggest doing you're cardio after
lifting (or on non-lifting days). Also, don't put much faith in the
"calories burned" that the machine says, they're usually far from accurate.

- Do some lifting, split schedule. Back & Bi one day. Abs & Shoulders
another. Chest & Tri another. Legs another.

So you work each body part once a week? If your current goal is muscle gain
I'd suggest a full body routine (I'd suggest HST) 3 times a week.

- After the lifting, 30 minutes on the cardio. Maybe 45 if I feel the
that day.

This cardio is fine for fat loss. For muscle gain I'd suggest doing it on
non-lifting days.

- Sometimes I miss a day or two here and there. I try to do the cardio
anyway even if no time for the lifting.

I also wonder that abdominal / "core" muscle work might be helpful. As I
understand it, working those
muscles will NOT help directly burn the fat that is stored in that area.
BUT...I'm thinking that if/when I do loose
some fat from that area, the more defined muscles there will help it look
all that much better.

You mean the "larger" muscles there will help it look...... not "more

~~ Plus, the "core" abdominal area is pretty big, so working/building
those muscles means more
muscle volume = more calorie burning. (Muscles burn more calories, even
at rest, then fat does.)

Legs have some mighty big muscles (and when you work them it tends to also
work your core).

Actually, I think the same goes for working the legs. The legs and glues
(butt) is a big muscle mass.


Working and building those helps build muscle mass faster than working
muscles like, say, the biceps. And more muscle mass means a body that is
burning more calories daily.

But wait, earlier didn't you say that cardio is how you lose fat?

Now, my big problem: I'm still eating too many calories and too much fat.

The fat probably isn't a problem (especially if it's "good" fat) but the
excess calories is counter-productive to fat loss.

I got the program from
(Note: They charge $29 but if you join the free web site first and click
around you can get it for $19). Using that
I see that most days I still eat more calories than I burn off.

That's a problem if your goal is fat loss.

~ OK, I know it isn't exact because the foods I enter
and the workout I enter aren't 100% accurate. But I think it's showing me
that in general I eat pretty close to
what I burn in a day. Some days I'm a little negative (less eaten then
burned), most days it's about equal, and
some days I binge a little and eat more than I burn. ~ This last usually
occurs when I go out to dinner or to someone else's house for dinner. '

You need to get your diet to more closely match your goals. (you don't
mention how much protein you're consuming, how many meals, etc.)

Another part of my problem is evening snacks: During the day and even
through dinner I do pretty good with not eating too much fat, only good
fats (poly-unsaturated), and an ok
number of calories. But in the evenings I usually want to snack. I'm
trying very hard to either not snack
or only snack on more healthy things (apple sauce with whet germ, even
fat-free yogurt). But some times I
eat some junk (cookies, chocolate, etc.) anyway. It would be easier if
that stuff just wasn't in the
house...but others here want it...and then I eat it.

I find that high protein food leaves me feeling full longer.

I've only been at this for about 10 weeks.

Hate to rain on your parade but:
1. 10 week newbie probably shouldn't be giving advice.
2. 10 weeks and you're not seeing any good results means something is WRONG
(i.e. diet, routine, rest, etc.)

So I'm giving myself credit just
for going to the gym, learning more
about all this, etc.

That's good, but people who don't see results tend to not stick with it very

But to see the results I want I think I have to step it
up and get more dedication / discipline.

And better educated!

Mostly I think I have the right *ideas* but need to follow through more.
That is, I need to make it to the gym
more days per week,

More days per week? Aren't you going 4+ days a week and still doing cardio
on the other days? The problem isn't you're not going enough days.

avoid the worst of foods I eat, and keep the total
calories per day just a little lower.

To lose fat you need to burn more than you consume. Either lower your
consumption, or increase expenditure.

Oh: I also used to like to have a few cocktails almost daily. And these
usually mixed with coke or
were beers. Now I don't drink most days and once in a while when I do I
to have wine which is less
carbs than beers or cocktails with coke. ~ I've also cut out having just
coke as a drink. Now It's usually water.

Steps in the right direction!

It's a little frustrating that even with these changes I'm pretty much the
same weight and body shape. But I'm hoping that with a little more time
and a little more effort that'll change.

It won't if you continue to follow you're current "routine". Keep doing the
same, get the same results.

Well, that was a lot longer post then had in mind when I started. Hope it
helps or at least spurs some
useful responses.

I doubt it! ;- >

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I have been lifting for about 2 years now, I would like to step it up,
5'10, 165lbs. I am fairly slender, my goal is to bulk up and get some
definition, but at the same time the only part of my that isn't really
slender is my stomach area, I guess you can say I'm skinny fat;) I would
like to trim that up a bit...

My routine recently (for the past 6 months) has been the following:
1 - Chest / Tris
2 - Back / Bis
3 - Shoulders / Legs (sometimes i'll do shoulders one day and legs the
*** 4 sets, 12reps,10reps,8reps,6reps for all excersises. increasing the
weight as i go down in reps ***

I would do the above routine and if I didn't make it one day that would
my rest day then just start the routine over again, so I could do chest
tris twice a week... I would work in abs 2x per week and do minimal
cardio (15-20mins). I usually get to the gym 4-5 days a week. I
to do the hypertrophy, but honestly I don't have to dedication to be so
meticulous and time to figure out everything the program calls for,

I'm asking anyone for some advice on what you might think I should
or modify? Nutrion wise also.... Or recommend any websites that have
specific training routines... Again, I consider myself fairly slender
have some love handles and fat in the stomach area.... Please be
on any recommendations! ! ! I have been taking creatine / glutamine and
whey protein, I do try to eat as often/much as possible as i know that
the #1 thing that will put on my mass/muscle...


nutshell222 AT