OTMy nutrition quest

Ok, I've been asking around, looking around, reading around for a "way of
eating" that fits better with my level of activity, so I don't faint while
working out. I've also taken a good look (after suggestions from various
places) at my workout schedule.

I've found a few things:

I wasn't eating enough, I was eating plenty but not "fuel foods" I added a
lot of grains (barley, brown rice, bulgur) and a upped my intake of lean
proteins a bit (fish, beef, chicken, pork) I strongly limited the empty
sugary stuff (which I wasn't eating a lot of already, but cleaned it up even

I was eating too much "pre-made" stuff, I've been cooking a lot more,
healthy yummy meals, so I'm satisfied and not hungry 5 minutes after my
meal. I know some agree some don't, but I've cutted the canned foods and the
frozen pre-made meals to cut down on all the chemicals n sodium.

Workout-wise, I've taken a few days off to rest and re-started in a more
sensible manner. I'm not training for the olympics, so I upped my cardio and
lowered my weights a little (ain't giving it up though !). That way I work
out less often, but my workouts are much more effective, because I'm not too
tired to do anything, and I'm enjoying them a lot more (which helps with the

I'm feeling great, I loooooooove my workouts.. oh.. and I lost 4 lbs. (which
puts me back to my "goal weight") Main thing though is that I thought I
would share since some beginners out here might be making the same mistakes
I did so... well.. if it helps fine, if not, I've tried !!