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"spodosaurus" <spodosaurus@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> mike wrote:
>> hey,
>> is there a website somewhere that lists what exercises work which muscles
>> and body parts in plain english as opposed to pectoralis major and the
>> like?
>> i find it a huge pain in the gluteus maximus (sp?) to be bouncing around
>> looking for exercises that hit calves, triceps and so on.
>> thank you,
>> mike
> So if you wanted to work on your own car, you'd be happy with 'twist that
> round part on top of the square part' sort of crap? If you're too lazy to
> learn the jargon then you're too lazy to be posting here and wasting our
> time. Hire a personal trainer and lift little pink dumbbells.

hey, you're too lazy to kill yourself. that's a lot easier than learning
some arcane jargon.

i hear you lift a little pink thing about 20 times a day. but it just sits
in your hand, small, shrivelled and useless. so you just put it back down
> --
> spammage trappage: remove the underscores to reply
> I'm going to die rather sooner than I'd like. I tried to protect my
> neighbours from crime, and became the victim of it. Complications in
> hospital following this resulted in a serious illness. I now need a bone
> marrow transplant. Many people around the world are waiting for a marrow
> transplant, too. Please volunteer to be a marrow donor:


maybe you're gonna die sooner than YOU would like but what about the rest of

hurry up!

(say the following like a high school football cheer)

white cells white cells

multiply like hell

get to be so many

we finally here the knell


damn! and i'm on the donor list. signed up when a coworker's kid was
diagnosed with leukemia.

i wish it were not an anonymous process. i'd rather walk barefoot for 10
miles over broken glass than donate to you, cocksucker.

fuck it. i'm taking myself off the list.



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