US presidential election being sponsored by terrorist organisation

Usa presidential election.
election for President of America.

Offer from indian gov and indian information
technology companies.

Indian gov is offering mit romney or Barrack obama
a sum of 1 Billion dollars for their presidential campaign
but on the following conditions

if mit romney or Barrack obama
wishes to get 1 billion dollars for their election
campaign they need to fullfill following demands
of indian gov

the demands are

Never ban outsourcing of jobs to Bangalore , india.

increase more outsourcing of jobs to india .

never impose a single dollar of tax on US companies
outsourcing jobs to india .

give tax breaks to US companies who do outsourcing .

increase no of h1B visa for indians .

allow indian immigrants to marry US girls
for a month and then divorce them and get green cards.

allow indians who come on study visa to Usa ,
to misuse job visa and to work in US illegally .

sell all foreclosed
propreties to indian immigrants at throw away pricises .

each year give 1 lakh green cards to indian immigrants
so that they can breed like animals and finally in a decade
overtake population of original christian US population .

sell india more nuclear so that it can make more
nuclear bombs .

sell india secretly missile technology ,
so thatr india can make ICBM.

donot take any action against US Senators who are bribed by
indian embassy official and information technology companies
for taking pro india stand .

do a fake terror attack in new york and kill a thousand
and then blame pakistan taliban for the attack
and then invade Pakistan.

cut defense funds to pakistan so that pak military
reduces operations on its western borders , so that
more terrorism is promoted in that region which
can finally be exported to afganistan .
reason is we donot want Us military to leave afganistan .

Donot take any action against US tax evaders who
invest their tax evaded money in indian companies ,
by money laundering destinations like
banks of london , swiss banks and Mauritius .

donot give scholarships to US students .

donot open new medical and engineering colleges
in USA , in fact reduce the no of medical and engineering
colleges in usa

donot spend 20 billion dollars for developing cloud
computing infrastructure in Usa which can generate
2 million US Jobs .

infact force US companies to spend same amount in
indian companies for
cloud computing infra in india which can add 2 million
jobs to india.

For Receiving 1 billion dollar , you can contact our
laison official in US which is US sec of state
or directly contact indian foreign minister .

donot do any more delay . ok by R .