Getting Screwed By Ryobi / Homelite / Rigid Tools

Anybody have the phone number for the CEO of Ryobi?

I'm being dicked around by customer service / tech services
and want to take it to someone "upstairs" at the company.

Here's my story;

On October 16th the electrical power went out so I bought
a Ryobi RYi2000 generator for $600 from Home Depot
but by the time I got home, the power was back on.

So I prepped and ran the generator for 15 mins or so to make
sure it worked and parked it in the corner of the garage until
the next power outage, which happened to be on Nov 20th.

I run my extension cords and start up the generator and
after about 1-1/2 hours, the power comes back on but
when I start packing up the generator, I see that it's leaking

Home Depot refuses to exchange it as it's past their 30 day
warranty and they pawn me off on Ryobi, who tells me to
take it to a local licensed repair facility.

Needless to say, I'm already pissed off: $600 for a brand
new generator and right out of the box, it fails.

Less then a week later the repair shop informs me that
they're writing off the generator as scrapped and Ryobi will be
mailing me a new one. Great! That's the kind of customer
service I'd expect for a _brand new_ product that failed on
it's first use.

But after another week goes by, I contact the repair facility
who inform that Ryobi (owned by Rigid Tools, who also
own Homelite products) is refusing to scrap the generator
and insist that it be repaired.

Problem is, the repair facility has no service manuals (the
generator is that new) nor do they have the correct parts
(apparently a crank seal and rear engine gasket) and have
been told by the Ryobi techs to "just fix it with whatever you
have on hand"…

At this point, I contact Ryobi / Homelite / Rigid and demand
a new generator, as I didn't pay $600 for a slap-dash repaired
generator and I am told I can either eat it and take the repaired
generator, or wait until _maybe_ March 2012 for a replacement.