Re: HDTV - LCD Tv gives me a headache

John A. Weeks III wrote:
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I was watching some fast moving sports on a LCD - HDTV and within a
few minutes I got a bad headache, as well as I felt dizzy. I went
into another room where they had a standard CRT tv and everything was
fine. I'm not sure what it is, but I just dont feel comfortable with
HDTV or maybe it's the LCD display.

Amazing as it might sound, there are some people who are sensitive
to some types of TVs. It isn't HDTV, that just tells the size and
pixel density. It is the TV technology. Go try a few other sets
at a TV store, and see what you come up with. A rear projection
set is most like what you are used to, and tube type HDTVs are
the same as what you are used to. The LCD displays use a back
light, and that is sometimes a fluorescent light, and fluorescents
sometimes make people get woozy and sick.


To put it in computer monitor terms, what is the refresh rate of an LCD TV? Does the backlight flicker at 60 hz like a cheap office ceiling light? I HAVE to sit near a window, to mix those with daylight. If I sit in a no-window room, I have a headache and generally feel like crap in a couple hours. Incandescents, no problem. It isn't the color temp- I even get that with daylight-corrected bulbs. It is the flicker.

But from OP's post, I think it is more likely simply motion sickness- notice the 'fast moving sports' comment. Others have commented on this before, even in newspaper articles. Can't remember what explanation they gave. Ghosting? Something triggers the 'this is wrong' reflexes in the brain.

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