Re: What to do after bouncing a check?

On Sep 12, 7:07 pm, Ed Roberts Jr <edrobert...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What should I do now? My phone number is on the check but nobody has
called yet. Should I take some cash by PJ's, enough to cover the check
plus a service fee ($20?), or should I wait until PJ's contacts me?

If it were an individual in a local business that you know, I'd
suggest going by and talking to the business owner.
However, with a chain (or franchise, or whatever) I'd wait a bit. If
it just happened within the last few days, they probably haven't been
notified by the bank where they deposited it yet, and anyone beyond
the bookkeeper or owner probably won't have a clue of what to do. I
would imagine that someone in some corporate office will contact you
by mail as soon as they recieve notification from their bank.

Now I can't help but say it...why would you write a check in a