DirectTV junk mailing, no opt out.

Just got junk mail from DirectTV but this time it's in my name not just
the generic "occupant/current resident" mailing. Called and asked to be
removed from their mailing list and was put on hold for 5 minutes, then
was disconnected (by them). Called back and finally got to speak to a
rep and was told that since I do not have an account with them I could
not be removed from the mailing list, no one knew how to remove my
address without looking my account up via the home phone number. Never
did business with them before so how would I have an account?

I've opted out with the direct mailing groups and rarely ever get junk
mail, this seems to work most times. But to be told I could not be
removed from a mailing list by a business??? Has federal law changed
(loopholes?)? Can any businesses refuse to remove you from a calling or
mailing list? Just annoyed that they seem to find new ways to bother
consumers. The problem is, once one business mails you, it seems many
others now get a hold of your address and the junk mail pours in. Either
you ignore all the junk mail or you opt out (if they let you).

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