Re: USPS delivering to a vacant address

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I have a strange problem. My mother-in-law passed away Dec 2006, and
the house she lived in is owned by my wife and brother-in-law. My
mother-in-law kept to herself for the most part, so we're basically
tackling bills and debt as they come in via the mail.

Two weeks ago someone in the neighborhood parked a car in front of the
house, and the post carrier put a letter in the mailbox saying if the
car wasn't moved they would start returning mail with "No Receptacle"
stamped on it. I called the post office and explained about my mother-
in-law passing away and that we're not familiar with the neighbors...
but we're trying to find who owns the car.

By the end of the week, we found the owner and the car was moved, but
after that we started seeing no mail and the mail carrier was putting
Vacancy notices in the mailbox. I called the post office again and
told them though no one was currently living in the house, I still go
by there daily to feed my mother-in-laws animals and check the mail,
and we need that mail. They said they do not deliver mail to vacant
addresses, and if no one is living there now, it's considered vacant.
They said we need to either put in a change of address or pickup the
mail at the post office.

How is UselessPS supposed to know that you have the right to receive your
MiL's mail? You don't have that right just because you own the building that
the mail is delivered to. Not delivering to vacant homes makes sense. I
assume there must be some process to let UselessPS know officially that your
MiL is deceased and who the legally appointed executor to her estate is. You
should just have the mail redirected to whoever's handling the estate.

I don't get where the car fits in. It would have nothing to do with the
post office, yet they send a notice that according to the poster is
about the car rather than that the post office has suddenly realized
nobody is living there. If anything, the car would be an indication of
someone being there.