Re: Vacation Help/Suggestions?

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I forgot to mention, friend #1 and I are in NY.
Friend #2 is in Atlanta.

So far we are thinking:
1. Washington DC - we can explore, go to the Smithson...errr however
you spell it.

DC is a fabulous place for a short vacation. $1500 should get a
nice hotel and enough cash for three for 3-5 days, particularly in
the summer (congress not in session = no lobbyists in hotels).
Find a hotel near the Metro (or whatever they call it). Do *not*
drive around the city.

2. Friend #1 is thinking Chicago - Sears Tower, some famous IMAX place,
and other stuff.

There is an IMAX theater in the National Air and Space Museum (one
of the Smithsonian museums along the mall). Plan on at least a day
at the NASM. ;-)