Re: Pepsi in machines vs home

Tom <hty@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Now you try the same thing at home, pouring Pepsi from a bottle, and
two things happen. First, the ice immediately welds itself into a
solid mass at the bottom of the cup, so you can't get the straw past
the ice. Second, the Pepsi immediately foams up and you hafta stand
there waiting for the foam to disappear before you can fill the cup.

There must be something different about the ice and Pepsi in the
machine, so that these problems don't occur.

I'll hazzard a guess...

Ice at home tends to be colder than commercial ice machine ice. Commerical
machine ice is half melted as it sits in a semi insulated ice bin - not a
freezer. That's why the ice doesn't freeze up in the cup.

Store soda will have a higher CO2 level because it needs to have a shelf life.
Fountain soda needs to last about 10 minutes.

And here's a question you didn't ask: Why does fountain Diet Coke taste
different than bottles/cans?

A: Although the syrup formula is the same, fountain Diet Coke uses a blended
sweetner, where the bottled/canned product uses 100% Nutrasweet.

This may have changed since Nutrasweet went off patent, but it was done as a way
to reduce cost.