Recycled UPS Tracking Numbers

Twice, in recent shipments, I have found that UPS's silly habit, of
recycling their tracking numbers without clearing out the old data, has
caused confusion. A package from JC Penney and one returned to Dell both
had recycled tracking numbers. Since the email tracking function at UPS
only sends the status (no detail on intermediate stops), both packages
showed up as having been delivered in 2004. They showed as delivered, even
though they were still in transit because they still had the delivery data
from the last time that the tracking number was used. That delivery data is
not updated until the package actually gets delivered again, thus making the
status notices either confusing or useless. Phone calls to UPS get the same
result. Their poorly-trained reps think I have the wrong tracking number.
Only the detailed reports on their web site will reveal the actual
information, or the UPS shippers software. Such a silly problem and so very
easy to fix.

How stupid can UPS's database programmers be?