Re: Skype stole my money

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> Herbert Kanner <kanner@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >But I would really like to know if the
> >SkypeOut performance has improved,
> I have mixed feelings about it. All of my calls were off network, so I was
> paying the ~US$0.03/minute for calls. The sound quality was OK, but I really
> dislike the fact that there is no sidetone. Makes calls very uncomfortable as
> you never know if you've been cut off. I also think Skype (and the others)
> have a problem with full duplex. Even though they claim to be full duplex, it
> doesn't seem as if both parties can talk at the same time.

I have Vonage and I am very happy with the quality. I typically only
make calls of a minute or two in duration. Just last night though, my
sister and talked on the phone for about 45 minutes, which is probably a
record for me with VoIP! We had no problem interjecting.

People should keep in mind that VoIP is only as good as your Internet
service. If you have crappy ISP service, you will never get satisfactory
VoIP service.

Although I do not use Skype, I own a portion of a small company. This
company's 20 employees are spread apart quite far geographically. The
key players in that company use Skype heavily to collaborate on the
project they are developing and they are very happy with it. The
president of this company did ask me to get Skype too, but I prefer not
to increase my level of involvement in this company, so I declined; I
prefer a hands off approach and to work with them via email.