Re: Liberty Mutual insurance

I haven't had any trouble with claims on my Liberty Mutual
auto policy.

However, I've had a lot of trouble with the infrastructure
they have in place for automatic payroll deduction of my
insurance payments (my employer has a special deal with
Liberty Mutual to make this possible). My paycheck doesn't
show how much of the deduction from each paycheck went to each
policy -- it's just a lump sum for all my policies. They
never send statements about how the payroll deductions map
into premium payments. When explicitly asked to provide such
statements, they are slow to do so, and the statements are
confusing (e.g., the impact of each listed transaction on
balance due is not indicated, and some of the transactions
listed on the statement are actually internal transactions
which should not have been listed because they *don't* impact
the balance due) and do not make the mapping between paycheck
deductions and premium payments easy to determine. They do
not seem to understand that I might want to actually verify
that they've deducted the correct amount from my paycheck and
that they should make it easy for me to do this.

I've spent so many hours trying to verify this that I've been
tempted to switch back to my old insurance company, USAA, even
though their premiums were higher. USAA deducted my payments
monthly from my checking account, and they sent me a statement
every single month showing exactly how much money would be
deducted and exactly how much of it was being applied to each