Re: Yes, does suck!

"J. Cameron Davis" <camdavis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I've figured it out. After a really bad experience with the loan company
> from hell, Ditech, I've concluded that they really do suck. Their loan
> agents were rude and tired to aggressively pressure me into acceptimg the
> terms of a home equity line of credit. I didn't understand the terms of
> the arrangement. Instead of answering my questions I got responses like "I
> don't like to have my time wasted" and "We already discussed that. Why do
> you need to ask about it again?" I left voice mail messages for two
> managers several times, and the calls were never returned. They quoted a
> high interest rate for the line of credit, said it was based on their
> research and appraisal, but then refused to allow me to have a copy of any
> of that information. So, there was no way I could dispute the interest
> rate. This truly is a pathetic excuse for a loan company. My advice is to
> avoid them like the plaque.
Your FIRST clue should be the aggressive TV advertising. ANY company that
has a good/great rate would have lots of "Word of Mouth" advertising and
local recommendations.
You ARE correct......(in my opinion) DiTech SUCKS EGGS!
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