Re: Bush = Catastrophe

Ryan wrote:
> I am not saying Kerry would have been a savior, but Bush's approval
> rating is so low right now that means almost 15% of people who voted
> for him just last November have changed their minds already!

Most people are pretty fickle, that's for sure.

> The County won't begin to recover until Bush is out of office. It's
> been one nightmare after another.

Nightmare? Unless you're in the disaster zone down south, it's hardly
been a nightmare. The GDP is strong, housing is still strong, interest
rates are still low, unemployment is even lower.

It's one thing wanting your guy in there, but it's delusional to
believe that the guy that is in there is responsible for every single
bad thing that happens in the world, including natural disasters.
Sorry, but the President, no matter who is in there, just doesn't have
THAT much power.