Re: How do you clean a toilet plunger?

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Okay, first of all, I'm serious. No smart-alecky replies like "keep the
drains from getting clogged in the first place", etc. I know that ... what I
need to know is how to clean and sterilize the plunger after you've had to use

Sterilize it?? You planning to cook with it? It's a toilet plunger, fer cryin'
out loud.

Do you throw it away, and get a new one? No, that's landfill fodder. I
really need a straight answer. You can't just put it away until the next time
it's used ...

Once you get the toilet unclogged, work the plunger up and down a few times in
the bowl, and flush to rinse. Repeat a couple of times. Set it on an old
newspaper to dry. Once dry, put it away in a closet somewhere. And teach your
kids not to play with it.

I use one of those setups with a toilet plunger that fits into a case. When I'm
done, I put it back in the case, the case automatically closes. Check your
local Linen's & Things or Bed and Bath store. I prefer it by the commode -
never know when I'll need it.

When warranted, I'll put some Comet or other similar bathroom cleaner into the
bowl after I'm done, swish the plunger and plunge a little more (gets some
cleaner into the trap - it's very effective at grease breakdown, including solid
waste), flush with the plunger in the bowl, which rinses it, and put it back
into the case.

Once in a great while I'll need to clean it with some toilet paper when I'm

Problem solved.