Re: Stove/oven pilot light keeps going out

humorwriter1@xxxxxxxxx writes:

We moved into our home a few months ago and have a gas range
(Frigidaire model, basic) with pilot lights. When I turn the oven on,
often the pilot lights on the stove burners and/or the oven will go
out. Can anyone tell me why this is? Is something dirty that we need to
clean? Is it time for a new range? The gas company has checked for
leaks and found none. I've never had a gas range with pilot lights so
am unsure how they're supposed to work, but I'm pretty sure the pilot
lights aren't supposed to go out when you turn the oven on! Thanks for
any help you can give.

It's likely that all you need is a new thermocouple. You'll find
these on your old school range, your pilot'd gas water heater, and
your gas furnace if it has a pilot.

It's the little metal finger that sticks into the pilot light flame
that lets the regulator know there's a flame and to let the gas keep
flowing. When the pilot gets blown out, (or if thermocouple fails),
it fails safe and closes the regulator keeping your house from filling
with methane.

Otherwise, chase down the thermocouple for the range, then schedule
the annual inspection for your furnace for this winter. While the
repair guy is there, say "hey by the way, I think the thermocouple is
bad on my range here--if I give you $30 would you install it for me so
I know how to do it next time?" and I bet you'll have it taken care
of. This will let you amortize the service call over two things you
need to get done. :-)

Otherwise, $100 or more for just a thermocouple is pretty painful!

Todd H.