Re: Can you fold a king mattress in half?

cmay wrote:
> Also, in the case that we simply can't get our mattress up there, does
> anyone have any suggestions? I guess we could push 2 twins together,
> and someone else suggested a foam type mattress that you could smush
> and squish around a tight corner w/o wrecking anything.

What's the hitch on getting the box springs up the stairs? Even the
box spring for a California King is not that big, just four inches
longer than a regular king. Is there a bannister, hand rail, etc. that
can be removed temporarily? I had to do this for our recent move.

If it still does not seem feasible, you could also contact the previous
owner and find out what size bed they had and if they had to take any
special measures to get it up and down the stairs. I don't expect you
will be able to fold the mattress in half, but may be able to tie it
into a more manageable U or O shape with some rope.