Re: Pulsating water from faucets

John Smith wrote:
Thanks, Jim. Where would I find it (the pressure reducing value)? Would it be outside somewhere near the shutoff valve?

Incidentally, I did pay more attention the last time, and it's definitely only the _cold_ water that pulsates.

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Hmmmmmm. If it were related to the PRV, I would expect both Hot and Cold to be affected. The PRV would normally be near where the service comes in to the house, or by the meter.

If the faucet mainly affected is a kitchen one which has
a spray wand, then the "diverter" valve (part of the faucet)
is a candidate.

If *all* faucets are affected, possible it is pressure
buildup in the water heater from expansion during heating.
The pressure will bleed off the first time water is used
after a heating cycle.

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Try to determine if the house has a pressure reducing valve
on  the water service.  If so, it could be acting up...sticking.
Might look like:

John Smith wrote:


I'm not certain about _all_ faucets, but definitely at least a few different ones. I think it's happening with both hot and cold but I'll be sure to pay more attention the next time it does it to make sure. As for the duration, I'd say that it lasts about 30-60 seconds each time, then stops for a while and eventually happens again.

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John Smith wrote:

We've been in our house for about 8 years and in the past week or so have noticed water sometimes pulsating when it comes out of the faucets. Any idea what could be causing this or suggestions for fixing it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I've looked for other posts, but the closest thing I could find related to people who get their water from wells, but we don't have a well; we're on "city" water.

ALL faucets? Hot and Cold? How long does the pulsation last?