Re: Grout poured down drain

I had that problem here, I tried to snake it but the snake just ran over the
blockage as the grout made it past the trap and settled in the pipe. I
tried to break it up for hours over a couple of days with the snake.. It was
so frustrating. What happened was that it effectively reduced the inside
diameter of the pipe restricting flow.

What I did was remove as much water as possible and then I got an acid, I
forget what type right now, but it is quite corrosive to concrete, I believe
they use it to etch concrete before painting. I gave it a couple of runs of
that over a couple of nights where it would not be used and then I ran the
snake again and it was still hard but with a couple of back and forths it
broke up and the drain ran like new again. Oh yeah it was muriatic acid.

They sell it at home depot. Be careful with it though it will eat through
your skin in seconds. use goggles, and have some fresh water in a picture
handy as just a bit of it splashing your way starts the burn. BTW I have
ABS drains so metal was not a concern. Just as a precaution I put lots of
baking soda and water through the line after. Don't get the acid on your
tile grout though. If it was epoxy grout it probably won't work though.


"Mike in Arkansas" <mike72903@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
> It's a little (actually a lot) astounding that a professional tiler
> would pour grout down a drain. It's a cement product and will harden
> even under water. I'm sure if you read the instructions on the bag/box
> it will mention that fact. Where did you find this guy?