Re: hdiutil for windows?

xasse <xastor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to add a mac build to the
build-process of our java-based product. I have figured out everything,
except the .dmg packaging. I'd like to do all of this using windows (to
be able to do it in one run).

Actually I don't know if there is some implementation. However dmg is
not the only way to package for the MacOS.

If the result of your application is a .app (and you *can* do this for a
Java application -- NetBeans is packaged this way, for example --, but I
don't know if there are tools for this on Windows), you can zip it. No
Mac user will complain.

In fact a .dmg is just a disc immage. You probably can use zip without
causing problems.

However, this is an Italian group.

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