metafont / penpos macro error

I want to change the direction of the pen, using the macro penpos.
My metafont is in 2 files, the first with macros instructions where it's write:

myfont.penwidth := 1.75;
myfont.width := 7 + myfont.penwidth;

pen defaultpen;
defaultpen :=penrazor scaled (myfont.penwidth*scalefak) rotated 30;
maxy := 12.6 + 0.5myfont.penwidth;

z1=(6,0); z2=(2,0);

and the second where the letters are describe:

%--- n ---

o.s[110][1]:= (-3.5,0)..(-3.5,8.5);
o.s[110][2]:= penstroke z1e{dir130}..z2e;
o.i[110]:=2 ; o.m[110] := 0.65;

It changes the position of the points 1 and 2 but not the angle of the pen.

Any idea?