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Bernhard Enders <bgeneto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I would like to know how to define a new math delimiter, a double left
(and right) angle bracket: <<x>>. AFAIK these are available with
MnSymbol and nath packages, but, unfortunately, not with my desired
font. So I tried:


But space between angle brackets are nonuniform (to say the least) for
different delimiter sizes, here is a simple test:

\llangle x\rrangle % too tight
\llangle x^2\rrangle % good spacing
\llangle \sum_i x_i\rrangle % too much space

So, how to create such a delimiter with consistent spacing?


Bernhard Enders.

Does this code do what you want? -Alan


\def\ts@r{\nulldelimiterspace=0pt \mathsurround=0pt}%
$\@fen \kern.3875\wd0 \copy0 \kern-.3875\wd0%


\Left< x\Right> % too tight
\Left< x^2\Right> % good spacing
\Left< \sum_i x_i\Right> % too much space

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