Re: \label in \footnote(s) in LaTeX

Dave Walden wrote:

Can someone point me a the spec for the scope of a \label declaration
in a \footnote{}. Sometimes this works for me and sometimes it
doesn't. Let's say I have
\footnote{\label{fnfoo} text}
and I later refer to it via $^{\ref{fnfoo}}$ in the text, i.e., I want
to refer to the same footnote number again. This works when the \ref
is in the main text but not when it is in another footnote. On the
other hand, if I turn the footnotes into endnotes, then the \ref in
the endnote works. I can get the equivalent of the \ref in the later
footnote to work by doing the following in the first footnote:
\label{fnfoo} text}\gdef\fnzoo{\ref{fnfoo}}
and then later using $^{\fnzoo}$ in the second footnote, assuming the
footnotes have been defined in the right order. Is there some more
"official" way for doing what I want to do?

Best regards, Dave

well, it might help if you would provide a minimal example, such that we can see the problems for ourselfs

This works fine


test\footnote{Via footnote $^{\ref{a}}$}


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