Beamer, href{run:..., and Windows vs. Linux

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I've created lots of beamer slides that contained something like

\href{run:file.mdl}{See the model}

on Windows. If I click the text during a presentation, Windows looks at
the file extension and opens the file in the associated program
(Vensim's venple.exe, in this case).

I moved to Linux late this summer, and now I'm getting ready to do some
more slides (and reuse some old ones). Vensim runs just fine under
Wine, so I can, in general, open those files, but I'm not sure how to
associate the file with the application.

After a bit of searching and experimenting, I created a script based on
<>. That mostly
works: I can right-click on a .mdl file in Nautilus and select the
script I created to have Vensim open the file. I can create a launcher
and then drag a .mdl file to the launcher, and that works, too. I can
even run the script in bash with the file as the argument and have it

It doesn't work inside a PDF file. I have identified two problems:

- - If I associate the file with the script, Linux naturally associates it
by MIME type, not by filename extension, so it tries to open _all_
text files with Vensim -- not what I want.

- - Whether I do that or not, I can't make the 'href{run ...' work.

I just found a note and realized that .mailcap might be the right way to
go. Adding

text/*; wine /home/bill/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Vensim/Venple.exe %s; nametemplate=%s.mdl

to .mailcap and saving it didn't seem to help, though.

Has anyone got any ideas how to make this work? I'd like the same
beamer PDF file to work on Windows or Linux (or the Mac, for that
matter, if it's possible).


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Bill Harris
Facilitated Systems Everett, WA 98208 USA phone: +1 425 337-5541
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