natbib not compatible with beamer?

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I am making a presentation with beamer and wanted to use natbib for its
additional \citep and \citet commands. They seem to be incompatible,
although the beamer user guide doesn’t mention natbib. It does say
there are problems with using BibTeX, although it works fine for me
without natbib.

(Almost) minimal example:



~ \frametitle{Übersetzungsprozess}
~ Ein wichtiges Ergebnis von Thatcher und Wright und Doner
~ \cite{thatcher-wright68, doner70} beschreibt, wie man MSO-Formeln in
~ Baumautomaten umwandeln kann. Dieses Verfahren ist leider
~ EXPTIME-vollständig in der Länge der Formel. Aus der Sicht der
~ Linguistischen Anwendung ist die wichtigste Komplexität aber die
Größe der
~ Baumbank. Da die Evaluierung eines Baumautomaten auf einen Baum
linear ist,
~ ist es also trotzdem ein interessanter Verfahren.

~ \frametitle{Literatur}
~ \bibliography{biblio}


With an excerpt from biblio.bib:

author = {James W. Thatcher and Jesse B. Wright},
title = {Generalized Finite Automata Theory with an Application to a
Decision Problem of Second-Order Logic},
journal = {Mathematical Systems Theory},
year = {1968},
volume = {2},
number = {1},
pages = {57--81},

author = {John E. Doner},
title = {Tree Acceptors and some of their applications},
journal = {Journal of Computer and System Science},
year = {1970},
volume = {4},
pages = {406--451},


! LaTeX Error: \newblock undefined.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type H <return> for immediate help.
~ ...

l.1 \begin{thebibliography}{1}


Is this a bug or a known problem?

There is a simple workaround, which is not to use natbib, but it’s

Cheers, H.
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